Tearful Olivia Culpo Remembers Ex in The Culpo Sisters Trailer

Olivia Culpo is opening up about her “horrible” past relationship for the first time. 

In the first trailer for TLC and discovery+’s new reality series The Culpo Sisters, the influencer got real about a previous relationship—and the support she receives from sisters Aurora and Sophia

“I worry all the time about the future. I always thought by 30, I would be married. I’d have kids.” Olivia shares in the trailer, which was released Oct. 6. “I was with somebody that did really horrible, horrible things. I was made to feel like a less-than human in every sense of the word. I’ve never talked about it before.”

But her sisters have her back, wrapping her in a big hug and telling Olivia that they love her.

Her romantic situation is far better these days. Currently, she is dating football player Christian McCaffrey, who she has said restored her “faith in love.”

The trailer details the lives and drama of all three sisters, including how Olivia’s life immediately changed once she won Miss Universe in 2012. 

“I went from being a small-town girl from Rhode Island,” Olivia explained. “I moved to LA, but my sisters couldn’t stand to be away from me, so they moved too.”

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