The Kardashians: Kim Doesn’t Know What a Tortellini Is

The Kardashians Kim Doesnt Know What a Tortellini Is

Move over, cuke-gate: Kim Kardashian is here with some food for thought.

The reality star pasta-bly created another meme-worthy moment on the Oct. 6 episode of The Kardashians when she took friends Tracy Romulus, Mario Dedivanovic, Chris Appleton and Danielle Levi out for dinner at the famed Da Giacomo restaurant in Milan, Italy. Upon looking at the menu, Kim was left stumped by one particular dish, promoting her to ask a server at the Michelin Guide-recommended eatery: “What is tortellini?”

Kim took a leap of faith by ordering tortellini when the waiter explained that it was “like a ravioli.” But that wasn’t enough to satisfy her craving.

“Do you have any that’s not spaghetti? Maybe like a penne or anything else?” Kim asked. When the waiter replied, “of course,” she also added penne to her tasty order.

“I’m what they call a flexitarian, which is vegan sometimes and just not other times,” the SKIMS founder explained in a separate confessional. “So, YOLO.”

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