Why Jake Lacy Took on the Role of Real-Life Predator Robert Berchtold

Why Jake Lacy Took on the Role of Real Life Predator

Research aside, there was “nothing that prepared” Lacy like meeting Hendrix Yancey, who plays young Jan (Mckenna Grace portrays the older Jan). As he put it, “Seeing the light in her and the joy and enthusiasm and recognizing immediately that that’s what Jan has and still has when you meet her—she still has this effervescence to her—that is what Robert Berchtold, in a lot of ways, preyed on.”

Naturally, Lacy wasn’t interested in getting lost in Berchtold’s mind. “As I, Jake, think about it, my brain shuts down and I feel sick and I don’t want to go there,” he said. “And so if that’s then what I’m bringing to my sense of this character, then I’m missing the story because that character had none of those feelings. This character treats it like the one thing he wants in the world. So, at times, there’s replacing that emotionally or mentally.

And other times, “it’s just knowing how a camera works,” Lacy added. “Like, if you tip your head down and stare for too long, that’s a creepy thing to do—and the camera reads it as such.”

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