Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren Defending Territory in 1923 Trailer

In every era, the Duttons don’t mess around.

Paramount+ released the official trailer for 1923, the Yellowstone prequel series starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and fans are in for one wild ride.

The trailer for the limited series, released Nov. 27, starts off with Mirren’s matriarch Cora Dutton assertively defending the family’s territory from their villainous neighbor Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) who, as he puts it, “wants the whole valley.” This, of course, includes the Dutton ranch.

But the family won’t go down lightly with this threat. After encountering Whitfield, Cora makes it clear she is not to be messed with, telling him, “This is the Yellowstone and you have no rights here.” She is later seen declaring, “Men kill quick with a bullet or a noose, but their fight is with me and I kill much slower.”

Her husband, Ford’s Jacob Dutton, is also ready to fight for his family’s legacy as we see him in another scene telling the local sheriff, of his escalating conflict with Whitfield, that that the “range war has already started.” 

And this is apparent throughout the action-packed preview as the patriarch and members of the Dutton family are shown battling it out to defend their land. “Tell the world what happens when they cross me,” he states at one point, ending the 90-second promo shouting,”You attack my family, it’s here going to be the last thing you ever do.”

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Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren Defend Territory in 1923 Trailer

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