Prince Harry talks family problems, Princess Diana’s death

Prince Harry talks family problems Princess Dianas death

Prince Harry continued to slam his family, accusing them of having “gone to bed with the devil” to burnish their public image and of showing “no willingness to reconcile” in an interview aired Sunday ahead of the release of his new memoir “Spare.”

Harry — whose book will hit stores Jan. 10 but accidentally went on sale in Spain last week — told interviewer Tom Bradby on UK-based ITV 1 there can’t be a recovery between him and the rest of the family without truth and accountability.

“We’re six years into it now and I’ve spent every single year of those six doing everything I can to get through to my family,” Harry said as he added. “It never needed to get to this point.”

Harry added, “I’ve had conversations, I’ve written letters, I’ve written emails and everything is just ‘no, this is not happening. You’re imagining it.’ And that’s really hard to take.”

The Duke of Sussex argued he wants his father and brother back even as he complained about how the royal family has treated him and the sibling rivalry that’s hurt his relationship with Prince William.

Prince Harry accused his family members of having “gone to bed with the devil” for their public image.
Prince Harry discussed a 2019 fight he had with his brother Prince William where he was shoved to the ground.
Prince Harry discussed a 2019 fight he had with his brother Prince William where he was shoved to the ground.

Harry also said during the wide-ranging interview he would have “100%” hit his brother back after William shoved him over during a fight that he details in the book. He alleged William egged him to hit him back, but he refused.

“And I can pretty guarantee today if I wasn’t doing therapy sessions like I was and being able to process that frustration that I would’ve fought back. a hundred percent,” Harry said. “But I didn’t because I was in a more comfortable place with my own anger.

“He wanted me to hit him back but I chose not to.”

Prince Harry said he doesn't want "history to repeat itself" when discussing the death of his mother Princess Diana.
Prince Harry said he doesn’t want “history to repeat itself” when discussing the death of his mother Princess Diana.

Harry also touched on his mother’s tragic 1997 death and said he believes there are “a lot of things that are unexplained” into the car crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. But he made clear he didn’t “really see the point” of opening another inquiry.

He looked back at reviewing some of the photos from the scene to better grasp what happened and talked about how his father broke the awful news of the crash to him.

“I never want to be in that position, probably the reason we’re here now,” Harry said. “I never, ever want to be in that position. I don’t want history to repeat itself. I do not want to be a single dad and I certainly don’t want my children to have a life without a mother or father.”

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