Ashley Tisdale Shares Years-Long Struggle With Hair Loss

Ashley Tisdale Shares Years Long Struggle With Hair Loss

In her personal essay shared to her website, the “Be Good To Me” singer recalled the moment she began to notice a change in her hair.

“A couple of months ago, while simultaneously moving, starting a home renovation, and kicking off a TV project, I noticed that a patch of my hair was starting to fall out,” Ashley wrote. “Nothing major—just a small section behind my ear—but still, it was happening, and not for the first time. A few years ago, the same thing happened when I was overly stressed, so I knew exactly what I was experiencing: alopecia.”

Ashley went on to detail three main suggestions she has to manage Alopecia, which included not letting worry take over, seek treatment (if you want to) and to stay on top of managing stress.

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