Minx Saved By Starz for Season 2 After HBO Max Cancelation

Minx Saved By Starz for Season 2 After HBO

It looks like the Minx isn’t extinct after all.

Despite being unceremoniously axed by HBO Max while already in production on its second season in December, Minx has officially been rescued by Starz.

The raunchy ’70s comedy was saved on Jan. 12 when it was announced that Starz will be the new home for the show’s existing first season and will soon be debuting season two.

The series stars Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson as an unlikely pair who work together to create the first erotic magazine for women. They share the screen with Michael Angarano, Jessica Lowe, Oscar Montoya, Lennon Parham and Idara Victor, with Elizabeth Perkins joining the cast for season two.

Minx creator Ellen Rapoport celebrated the pickup news with a heartfelt statement. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the Starz family, and for the opportunity to introduce Minx to a brand new audience. We’ve found the perfect home,” she shared. “Our writers, cast and crew have created something truly special in season two, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

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