18 Secrets About Zoey 101 Revealed

18 Secrets About Zoey 101 Revealed

16. However, Spears made sure not to miss the big Zoom reunion when the cast virtually gathered to chat with E! News in 2020—after they had reunited in person on All That and to shoot a music video for a remix of the show’s theme song, “Follow Me (Zoey 101).” Asked what their favorite part had been so far, Sanders said, “Realizing that this connection we have stands the test of time, that even though many years had passed, it’s like no time had passed. I seriously dropped to my knees and started getting really emotional when I saw everybody. I think we all had really similar reactions.”

17. Spears confirmed that she also thinks Chase and Zoey’s story isn’t finished, but that resuming it in scripted fashion would require a lot of moving pieces to come together, including finding the right home to tell the tale. “I think there’s a lot to still be said and we’ll figure out where they are and how that all goes into play,” she explained, “but I definitely think that there’s more to that.”

18. And fans are finally going to get answers to what happened between Zoey and Chase, along with the rest of the Pacific Coast crew, as Nickelodeon announced on Jan. 12 that production is underway on the TV movie ZOEY 102, which will find the characters reuniting at a wedding.

“I’m beyond thrilled to be back alongside my PCA family and continue the story of Zoey and all the characters fans know and love,” Spears said in a statement. “As an executive producer, it’s been an exciting opportunity to work with such incredible talent as well as Paramount+ and Nickelodeon.”

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