Fold In These 25 Secrets About Schitt’s Creek

Fold In These 25 Secrets About Schitts Creek

Can you believe it’s been eight years since we paid our first visit to Schitt’s Creek?

The beloved Pop TV comedy debuted on Jan. 13, 2015, introducing viewers to the Rose family—played by the father-son duo who created the series, Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, as well as Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy—a wealthy AF brood forced to move to the small town they once bought as a joke when they lose all their cash. Over the course of its six-season run, Schitt’s Creek became a pop culture force to be reckoned with—the little Canadian show that could, if you will—thanks to its deceptively layered characters, knockout performances and zippy one-liners. 

After its series finale aired in 2020, Schitt’s Creek dominated at every awards show, with the main quartet sweeping the acting categories at the Emmys in addition to an Outstanding Comedy series win. Then, at the 2021 Golden Globes, the sitcom won Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy, proving everything was really coming up roses for the Roses.

So, today, in honor of Schitt’s Creek anniversary, we’re looking back on our most cherished times at the Rosebud Motel. Yes, we’re spilling secrets about Annie’s iconic “A Little Bit Alexis” performance, the unexpected romance between David and Patrick (Noah Reid) and which fan-favorite almost dropped out of the show before it began filming in 2014.

Yaaaaas, David!

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